champions league

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champions league

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Flint 13 Jordans FIFA will "FIFA World Cup" awarded to the World Cup winner, but FIFA remained "FIFA World Cup" of the ownership. At each of the winner can keep "FIFA World Cup" until the next World Cup.
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Lebron 11 MVP On Sale As the World Cup champion's national permanent souvenirs, FIFA special according to "the FIFA World Cup" the same design and size made a copy, the only difference is originally "FIFA World Cup" "is made of pure gold, and copy is plated with gold. And this copy is the famous" champions league ".
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Kobe 8 Christmas On Sale The "champions league" will pass to the next World Cup winner of the hand, this is also the only show to the public of the "World Cup". Usually, "champions league" is stored in Zurich, Switzerland FIFA headquarters.
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Lebron 11 Christmas On Sale Because of "champions league" priceless, so it in public display arrangement is very strict control, and must be equipped with strict security measures.
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Cheap KD 6 OKC Away On July 12, 1998, and France in the World Cup final won "the FIFA World Cup", which is the French football federation collections in the bank's safe, it will be on December 1, 2001 in South Korea final draw to japan-korea World Cup organizing committee.
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